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The Area

Glen Rose Courthouse
Glen Rose Courthouse


Glenrose has:

  • One of the best school districts in Texas
  • It is a small town in the SECOND smallest county in Texas:
    • Rockwall has 149 sq. miles
    • Somervell has 188 sq. miles
  • Three rivers come together in Glenrose…What a delight!
    • Pauluxy River
    • Brazos River
    • Squaw Creek
  • Glenrose is close to large cities where you can shop the large “city stores.”
    • Granbury is 16.4 miles (22 min.)
    • Stephenville is 30.4 miles (34 min.)
    • Cleburne is 23.8 miles (31 min.)
    • Fort Worth is 54.3 miles (56 min.)
    • Waco is 69.8 miles (78 min.)
  • From Rainbow Village Cottages, one can go to the bank, post office, grocery store and get your nails nails done within 7 minutes of the cottages.
Petrified Wood Home-Glen Rose TX
Petrified Wood Home-Glen Rose TX
Rainbow Post Office

The county seat of Somervell County, Glen Rose Texas is situated conveniently on US Highway 67 about an hour southwest of Fort Worth. Those living in Glen Rose enjoy amenities in the communities of Burleson, Cleburne, Granbury, and Stephenville, and have easy access to DFW airport via the new Chisolm Trail Parkway.

The Glen Rose Independent School District is highly acclaimed, and the area is home to great recreation, fine dining and boutique shopping. A hot bed for tourists, visitors are entertained by attractions such as Dinosaur Valley State Park, Dinosaur World, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, and a whole myriad of activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Historical Facts

The origins of the community’s name dates back to the 1890′s. Area residents requested a post office and gathered to choose a name.  During the meeting, a thunderstorm occurred, followed by a rainbow.  The residents, struck with the rainbow’s beauty, named their town after it.  In the 1920′s, Rainbow had a population of approximately 113.  The population began to decrease after that period, reaching a low of 40 in 1960.  With the opening of the nearby Dinosaur Valley State Park in the 1970′s, the population increased to it’s current range of about 419.

Member of the Glen Rose/Somervell County Chamber of Commerce

Glen Rose TX

Local Attractions:                                                           

Big Rock Parks
Big Rocks Park
Somervell County Museum